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HOW TO: implement a Catchall Transport Agent on Exchange 2007 Edge or Hub Transport servers minimieren

Oliver Sommer 

I by myself and some other people using the Exchange 2007 servers use different emailadresses other than their personal main emailadress to order newsletters. Because than it's easy to set rules and keep track of who of those newsletter senders is giving away emailadresses to third parties and if nesessary block those receiving adresses.
On the search for a catchall rules set or how to setup a transport rule I found a discussion where wilbertdg (seems to be a Microsoft guy) promoted a transport agent filter he had written:

Because I know that this is one of the most frequently asked features for Exchange 200x ever since, here's a short pictured HOW TO implement his DLL to your Edge or Hub Transport role server in addition to Wilberts readme file that generally should contain enough info to setup:

First download Wilberts files from codeplex to your Exchange edge or hub server to a directory f.e. C:\Program Files\CatchAllAgent\ .
BTW: You don't need the source code file.

Then you should edit the config.xml file to your needs. It contains two example lines to copy for your domain setting:

  catchall@domain1.com" />
  admin@domain3.com" />

The "domain name" is the DNS name of the domain you want the *@domain1.com catchall on and the "address" is the SMTP address that you want as recipient for those catched mails and doesn't need to be on the same domain as the (catchall) domain name. It also may be a distribution group, email enabled sharepoint or public folder. Later changes to the config.xml file should be applied instantly and without the need of restarting or whatever.

Then open a Exchange Management shell.

Following my example enter

install-transportagent -Name "CatchAll Agent" -TransportAgentFactory:CatchAll.CatchAllFactory -AssemblyPath:"C:\Program Files\CatchAllAgent\CatchAllAgent.dll"

to the Exchange Management shell (EMS).

A big plus for Wilbert methode is that you do not need to generally turn of the recipient transport agent which filters emails to non existent recipients of (other) emaildomains.
Therefore we need to set the CatchAll Agent to a lower priority as the Recipient Filter Agent.
To see the actual priority we need to enter
into EMS.

Note that the Recipient Filter Agent is Prio 7 and the new (disabled) CatchAll Agent is Prio 11.

To lower the Priority for the new CatchAll Agent type
set-transportagent "CatchAll Agent" -Priority:7
into EMS. Afterwards you may enter
again to control that the priority has been set correctly.

Now it's time to enable the new agent using:
enable-transportagent "CatchAll Agent"

At last as screened in the picture above you need to restart the transport service f.e. using:
net stop MSExchangeTransport
net start MSExchangeTransport


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